Smart supply solutions for your business

A full range of quality supply services:

Provisions & Bonded Stores

We are ready to handle all the food and bonded stores requirements that may have all the vessels, all those provisions are stored in compliance with most higher food safety standards.

Some of the products that we offer are:

  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Frozen meats (Halal and not Halal)
  • Cold cuts
  • Dry provisions
  • Soft drinks
  • Cigarettes & Alcohol (Some ports are not permitted these products)

Cabin Stores

We aim to have a complete range of cabin stores, everything with competitive prices and high quality with environmentally friendly cleaning products

Some of the products that we offer are:

  • Cleaning materials
  • Catering equipment
  • Linen products / Clothing
  • Brushware
  • Medical products
  • Bathroom equipment & hardware

Deck & Engine Store

One of our specialties is this area, we want to be the better-stocked company of technical parts for the maritime industry, so we manage a huge line of products and if we don’t have them in stock we can bring it from everywhere.

Some of the products that we offer are:

    • Diaphragm pumps
    • Tools
    • Electrical equipement
    • Maritime charts & publications
    • Safety equipment