Ports were we work

A full range of quality supply services:

Puerto Cabello

In the city of Puerto Cabello, are the most important port facilities across the country; Having more than 200 Hectareal port facilities and more than 50 berths for many commercial uses.

We offer services in the following terminals:

-Bolivariana Port Terminal
-The Palito Terminal
-Vopak Terminal
-Ocamar Terminal
-Terquimca Terminal

La Guaira

The City of La Guaira is the nearest to the capital of Venezuela, Caracas port, has a fairly significant economic importance since 1999 stopped being the most important port at the national level but still has an important significance because of its proximity to the capital and hosting cruise passengers.

Port facilities have an area of 86 hectares and 26 docking ports among which a fishing dock and a military pier.

In this state, all terminals are operated by Bolivariana de Puertos, and we have full operability in it.

Punto Fijo

In the city of Punto Fijo on Paraguana refining complex, the second largest in the world refining capacity is located, with a capacity of 940,000 barrels of oil daily. This ended in 1997 complex makes 67% of Venezuelan crude oil refining.

The complex belongs to PDVSA, a company with which we have a comprehensive cooperative relationship, being enrolled in all its terminals nationwide and supplying ships it’s subsidiary PDV Marine.

Puerto la Cruz

In the Anzoategui state, where they have located our facilities in the region orients is located the largest center despite crude oil from Venezuela, called Cryogenic Complex Jose Antonio Anzoategui, belonging to the state oil company PDVSA, as well as the ports of Guanta, Caicara del Orinoco and Pertigalete.

Guanta port is one of the smallest national levels but not least, has an area of ​​40 hectares and 6 berths. This spring we have full operation.

In the Terminal Jose, belonging to the Jose Antonio Anzoategui Cryogenic Complex, we have all the amenities in the same way as Shipchandler / Shipsupplier, this spring has the characteristics of being the most active of Venezuela in a number of vessels.

Ports Caicara Orinoco and Pertigalete are also catered for with our quality characteristics.