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We understand the difficulty that takes origin in re-supply your vessels in some parts of Latin America and the Caribbean Islands; the high cost of operation, the number of hours that the purchasing team has to dedicate to find a good supplier who covers all the quality required at an affordable price.

For those reasons our company built an extensive range of alliances with local Ship Suppliers all along with Latin America and the Caribbean Islands that allow us to give you the following benefits.​

  • Better prices: Our purchase department has already negotiated with suppliers the better prices.

  • Response Time: we already know all the suppliers in the area and have a established relationship so we have a better response time.

  • Improved access to technical equipment:  when the technical equipment is not available in the local port or is very expensive, we can arrange a dispatch directly from our head office.

  • Transparency: as a company we want to build a good relationship with our clients, you will receive an honest and professional service.