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Deck & Engine Store

Full Stock

All types of nautical accessories for decks and engines; Charts, Nautical publications, Flags, Safety Equipment, Tools, Bolts, Screw, Light bulbs, Heavy machines and Electrical equipment.
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Provisions & Bonded Stores

Total Variety

We offer a wide range of food, fresh, frozen and dry provisions, fulfilling all the international food safety standards.
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Cabin Stores

Keep everything clean

A great variety of product are available in our cabin stores: We had Catering equipment, linen / clothing, brushware, cleaning materials, medical, bathroom equipment and hardware.
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Venesurco Shipsupply

Fast & safe supplies. Every time. Everywhere.

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La Guaira

We serve in the following terminals

-Bolivariana de Puertos
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Puerto Cabello

We serve in the following terminals

-Bolivariana de Puertos
-El Palito Terminal
-Vopak Terminal
-Ocamar Terminal
-Terquimca Terminal
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Punto Fijo

We serve in the following ports

-Amuay Bay
-Punta Cardon
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Puerto la Cruz

This is the heading

-Jose Terminal
-Guanta Terminal
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